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Thirty One Snack & Go Pouch *Eat & Repeat*

Thirty One Snack & Go Pouch *Eat & Repeat*

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Thirty-one's Snack & Go Pouch will help you snack in style all season long with this reusable thermal pouch. The food-safe snack pouch features water-resistant thermal lining and a zipper closure to keep food tucked safely inside. Or, think outside the fridge – use this handy little zipper bag to take along makeup, ear pods or other little essentials. The perfect snack tote or mini cooler bag for inside your backpacks, totes and handbags.

Key features:

Polyester Water-resistant thermal lining

Food safe, reusable snack pouch

Zipper closure

Approx. 5.75"H x 7"L at top, 5.625"L at base x 1.5"D at base

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