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Perfectly Posh Hand Creme *Merlot It's Me*

Perfectly Posh Hand Creme *Merlot It's Me*

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A very Posh hand crème featuring apricot kernel oil that moisturizes hands and cuticles without feeling greasy.

  • Nourishment for hardworking hands
  • Apricot kernel oil softens skin but won't weigh it down
  • Coconut oil and glycerin provide intense moisture
  • Easy to take with you everywhere you go


The perfect hand crème: naturally better. Featuring apricot kernel oil which absorbs quickly so hands are soft and spoiled, but never greasy. Complemented by a glycerin and coconut oil base with a fragrance of ripe reds and warm spice with smooth notes of tonka bean, you'll fall in love after just one use.
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