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Perfectly Posh *Brick House* Bath Bricks

Perfectly Posh *Brick House* Bath Bricks

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Perfectly Posh Holiday Brick House Bath Brick.

A box of breakable bath bricks that soften your skin, while you soak. The holidays can be stressful, which is why you need a break...and by break we mean, break one of these festive bath bricks and toss it in the tub so you can relax. Each brick is formulated with shea butter to soften and condition, as well as magnesium to help calm and soothe both you and your skin. Plus, they’re infused with two yummy fragrances: gingerbread & cardamom and orange peel & saffron.


Break and toss one or more bath bricks into a tub of warm water, then enjoy a nice, long winter soak

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