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Magne-Pet ~ Pet Tag *Tribal Heart*

Magne-Pet ~ Pet Tag *Tribal Heart*

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This is a tag for your dog or cat. Made to attach to their collar. It has the larger megatude 4000 gauss neodymium magnet on the back. This tag is helpful with older dogs with arthritis or hip dysphasia to increase blood flow and decrease pain and to add an extra pep in their step! The magnets also counteract the harmful effects of EMF's which steal energy from the cells, and are bombarding everything on the planet, including your animals! So, not just for older dogs. Our tag also has energy frequencies embedded on the back; (2) Infrared beads to increase blood flow to help with arthritis or hip dysplasia, (1) germanium bead whose frequency helps to boost the body's anti-inflammatory properties, and (1) negative ion bead for increased serotonin and mood boosting.

Size 25mm heart shape

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