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Bikini Butt

Bikini Butt

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Whether in your car, your home or underneath your sink, wherever that smell is coming from the powerful odor eliminating essential oils that we use will certainly get rid of it. A cool decoration for your car that smells amazing.

Give it to a friend as a gift, or choose your favorite design and place it in your car! Our designer air fresheners are made of the highest quality paper and are scented with premium essential oils.

Available in 3 different scents:

Green Tea: The scent of freshly picked green tea leaves.

Jasmine: The scent of freshly picked jasmine flowers.

Ocean Breeze: A cool breeze of ocean mist.

Our fresheners will fit any rear view mirror and will make any size car smell fresh! How to use?: Gradually open the plastic wrapper and take out the air freshener over a two week period in order to have the scent last the longest and not have an over-powering smell once opening. Hang the air freshener on your rear view mirror for up to 3 weeks.

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