Wholesale Bleached Blanks


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Needing bleached shirts to use for sublimation/DTF/screen printing? Well look no further as these are perfect for all those needs! I offer these blank for those that do not have the time or the means to bleach their own. I love being creative with bleaching shirts and being able to offer them to you for your business. The shirts I use are Gildan Soft style. They are a mix between cotton and poly. When bleaching the shirts every bleach pattern will be different as no two shirts come out of the same way. I do offer two main different styles; scrunched bleached and the bigger "square" bleached. Please be sure to specify which style you'd like. If there is a certain way you are needing them to be I will do my best to meet those needs. I do hand bleach all of my shirts myself. I make all shirts made to order. I work as quickly as possible!