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Red Velvet Keto Cookie Bites

Red Velvet Keto Cookie Bites

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Our soft and chewy red velvet cookie bites are sinfully fudgy but totally guilt-free! Made with nutrient-dense sunflower seed flour and sweetened with monk fruit and allulose, these mouth-watering treats are sugar-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and low carb (less than 1g net carb per bite).

Perfect for low carb and keto dieters, people with diabetes or Celiacs, or anyone looking to indulge in sweets without all the extra carbs and sugars. Our bites come in a convenient stand-up pouch which makes it easy to display on anything shelf. Serving Size: 1 bite (20g) Servings: 8 Shelf Life: 4 months at ambient temperature, 6 months if refrigerated

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