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Perfectly Posh *Spooky Brew* Bath Bomb 6 Pack

Perfectly Posh *Spooky Brew* Bath Bomb 6 Pack

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A collection of three different bath bombs that boost your aura as you soak to help you channel abundance, embrace change, and release worries.

Cast a spell over your skin with a spooky brew in your bath. All you have to do is create your own indulgent, spa-like soaking experience by mixing and matching these bath bombs. Jasmine Nectar invites the abundant aspects of your life. Sage Yourself brings balance to the areas of your life that need growth. And Plum Elixir allows you to breathe and meditate, letting the water relax your body and mind. Each bath bomb is infused with amethyst extract to help soothe, balance, and protect skin against environmental aggressors.


  • Jasmine Nectar (white): sacred jasmine and sweet honey
  • Sage Yourself (green): clearing sage and cedarwood
  • Plum Elixir (purple): sweet plum and ripe cassis
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